What You’ll Do

As a Senior member of our design team, your skills and relentless approach will be an integral part of the work performed with the RF Industrial IoT (IIoT) group at Cisco. Your many duties will include assisting with design and validation of innovative antenna/ radio solutions, thoroughly testing wireless subsystem performance against pre-defined, world-class quality design metrics to meet unique customer deployments/use-cases and providence guidance and mentorship to other team members. Your experience, attitude and work ethic will allow these novel HW designs to be productized into next generation offerings for the Industrial Wireless Hardware Portfolio at Cisco Systems.

Minimum Qualifications

-BSEE (MSEE preferred) with 8+ years of experience in HW product development, Radio Engineering and Systems design
-Vast experience with automation and data processing software such as MATLAB, Python and LabVIEW -Expert level proficiency in microwave simulation tools including ADS, CST or HFSS.

-Hands on experience with microwave and measurement equipment such as Network and Spectrum Analyzers, Power Meters, Vector Signal Analyzer/Generators, traffic generators, and wireless sniffers
– Noticeable experience and design proficiency with the building blocks of wireless architectures such as radio front ends, antennas, amplifiers, RF switches, filters, couplers from 500 – 7125 MHz
-Knowledge of wireless networking including familiarity with path loss/channel models and networking fundamentals as well as traffic generation.
-Experience and familiarity with digital and analog electronics components such as power supply, memory, etc.
-Proficient with schematic and layout tools such as Cadence, Allegro and others.

Desired Qualifications

-Knowledge of wireless technologies such as WLAN, BLE, LTE, 5G NR, WPAN, among others

-Hands-on experience with RF design, troubleshooting and optimizing matching networks, Tx-lines, etc. and understanding design trade-offs and best practices
-Familiarity with testing against pre-defined specs, and leading projects together with [certification processes in the US, Europe and with cellular carriers across the globe

-Experience working with cross-functional groups in Compliance, HW/SW design and test integration -Comfortable with reworking small components (e.g. 0402 SMT components) and using soldering stations


Qualified candidates should send their resume and application to: hr@ptecsolutions.com