Fiber Optics

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PTEC Solutions Inc. offers a wide range of fiber optics cabling solutions for telecom and OEM’s… Our products are built to meet and exceed your installation requirements whether supporting one system or a large cluster of servers. We can support both standard assemblies and custom built solutions around your exact needs. We are known for performance cables and harnesses as well as supporting non-standard lengths

⇒ Telecom and Data Centers (SAN’s)
⇒ CATV and Commercial
⇒ Semi-Conductor and Industrial
⇒ Facilities (FTTX)
⇒ Audio/Video Broadcast
⇒ Testing and Lab
⇒ OEM’s and CEM’s

⇒ Jumpers and Patch Cables
⇒ Loopbacks and Testing Cables
⇒ FC, SC, LC, ST, MTP, SMA and more….
⇒ Adapters and Couplers.

⇒ 2-144 Channel Cable Assemblies
⇒ Indoor/Outdoor Installation Cables with Terminated Connectors
⇒ Hybrid and Mixed Signal Cables
⇒ MTP Trunk Cables and Fanouts
⇒ Custom built to your specifications

⇒ Single mode 9/125, HI780, Photonic Fiber
⇒ Multimode 62.5, 50um, 50um 10 GIG
⇒ Silica Core Fiber, 300um, 400um
⇒ POF Fiber , HBFR Agilent
⇒ 1‐144 Fiber , Simples/Duplex, indoor/Outdoor, Ribbon, Armored Jacketing, Tight ⇒ Buffer, Custom
⇒ Corning Fiber, AFL Fiber
⇒ PVC, Hytrel, Plenum/Riser, RoHS compliant materials

⇒ ST, SMA, MU, HFBR, Agilent Optics

⇒ 100 % Tested to industry standards including Telcordia GR‐326 and TIA/EIA
⇒ Insertion Loss/Return Loss
⇒ Connector End‐Face Quality
⇒ Build and Workmanship standards

⇒ Offers un-parallel connector performance versus conventional systems
⇒ Precision controlled with batch processing

⇒ 100% Optical grade testing and inspection equipment
⇒ Process controls that maintain repeatability in quality, functionality and final finish quality

⇒ Quality geometry results in excellent mating of two connectors‐giving the best performance
⇒ Eccentricity of Fiber (Centering)

Built for harsh environment applications including indoor/outdoor, facility, medical, government and international installation applications. IP67 compliance for resistance to moisture, dust, chemical and vibration extremes.

⇒ Two channel operation for Duplex
⇒ Transceivers. Used for Gbit testing for SFP .
⇒ Nominal Jacket OD: 5m – 8mm O.D.
⇒ Performance
»  Insertion Loss: -0 25 dB (Single mode) Ave.
»  Insertion Loss: -0.45 dB (Multi mode ) Ave.

We designed Loopback Cables named UFO cables and manufactured them for one thing….loopback signal testing without sacrificing durability and reliability. Our unique design is built around your test equipment setup including connection types, distance options and conductor type. In fact-we guarantee them for life! No more damage or expensive cables to replace, no more snags with excess lengths and worry free protective features for any environment.