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Peter Pham
Founder and President

Peter Pham is the founder of PTEC Solutions, and he oversees all aspects of the business, relying on over two decades of experience in the industry. His professional background dates back to the late ‘90s, when he served as a manufacturing engineer at K*Tec Electronics. Since then, he has achieved many significant career milestones, and covered many positions throughout a lengthy and rewarding career. Under Peter’s attentive supervision, PTEC Solutions is set out to become a competitive market leader, serving customers with excellence and reliability. Peter Pham is currently a member of the Vietnamese Eucharistic Society, and is passionate about remaining involved in his local community.

Phuong Lam
Accounting Manager

Phuong Lam serves PTEC Solutions as an Accounting Manager and Head of Human Resources. She earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting from San Jose State University earlier in 2010, and joined PTEC Solutions the following year. Ever since then, she has been overseeing PTEC Solutions’ HR tasks, showcasing high levels of excellence, dedication and competence, remaining a valuable member of the team.

Ashley Nguyen
Director of Program Management

Boasting a finance major obtained in 1999 from San Jose State University, Ashley Nguyen went on to obtain over ten years of experience in customer service, as well as in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. She joined PTEC Solutions back in 2013, and proudly serves as the company’s Operations Manager, overseeing the CSR team, Quoting team and Purchasing team.

Huy Ha
Director of Operations

Huy Ha has made a noteworthy shift into the cable manufacturing industry as the Director of Operations. His expertise brings a unique perspective to the manufacturing realm, particularly in process efficiencies and operational management. Beyond his professional life, Huy’s passion for tennis demonstrates both a competitive spirit and a commitment to physical fitness. This parallels his professional ethos, where he consistently seeks technological innovations and efficient strategies to enhance daily operations and overall efficiency at PTEC Solutions.