Cable Assemblies

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PTEC Solutions Inc. has been supporting cable assembly requirements for over 20 years. Whether your application is simple or complex, standard or very custom, we have the technical expertise and the manufacturing capability to help. If you are in the design stages of your cabling solution, PTEC engineers can help by recommending the appropriate high-quality, reliable connection system tailored for your application. If your requirements are already specified and ready for quote, we are uniquely positioned to meet your deadlines as well as your price targets.

⇒ Medical
⇒ Military
⇒ Telecommunications
⇒ Semi-Conductor

⇒ Cable Jumpers
⇒ Cable Harnesses
⇒ Coax Cables
⇒ Flat Ribbon
⇒ Power Cables
⇒ Signal Cables
⇒ Ethernet (CAT5E, CAT6E)
⇒ Audio BNC and Video RGB
⇒ Exotic Cables and Harnesses

⇒ First Article (FA) process
⇒ Mil-spec and harsh environment
⇒ RoHS Compliant materials
⇒ 20 + years of cable manufacturing
⇒ Calibrated equipment system

⇒ High mix, Low to Medium Volume capacity
⇒ Expedite and short lead time support
⇒ Materials logistics experts
⇒ MRP-Process driven manufacturing and quality system
⇒ AutoCad and File interpretation support
⇒ AutoCad, Agile and Loaded BOM’s experience

⇒ 100% testing and inspection equipment
⇒ Process controls that maintain repeatability in quality, functionality and final finish

⇒ Test Point Range: 128-1024

⇒ Test Voltage: 5VDC, 6mA max current

⇒ Hipot Range:

» 1000: 50-1000VDC (50-700VAC optional)

» 1500: 50-1500VDC (50-1000VAC optional)

⇒ Connection Resistance Range:0.1-100K Ohms, also 500K, 1M, 5M Ohms

⇒ Insulation Resistance Range:5M-1000M Ohms

⇒ 4-Wire Resistance Range: .005 to 10 Ohms

⇒ Testable Components: Resistors, Diodes, Capacitors

⇒ Scripting Support: Optional

⇒ Onboard Memory Capacity: 99 wirelists

⇒ Test Rates: 128 pts / .25 sec. (typical)

⇒ Usable Adapter Sizes: single, double and quad high.