SI Engineer

  • Lab skills and measurement experience (VNA, TDR, Real Time Scope, BERT)
  • Self-motivation, strong teamwork, strong communication skills and out of the box thinking with the strong desire to innovate are essential skills
  • Experience with SerDes, DDR memory, ASIC packages, Power Integrity (DC, AC, Transient)
  • SI Tools: knowledge (HFSS, CST, ADS, SiSoft QCD and QSI, Cadence PowerSI/DC, SiWave,  Allegro, Simbeor, HSpice)
  • Performing physical measurements to collect data for design validation and simulation correlations.
  • Simulation with a SI tool such as ADS, HSPICE, Ansoft Suite, SiSoft.
  • Performs pre- and post-route signal integrity simulations of both PCB and ASIC package designs.
  • Performing static timing and signal integrity analysis of parallel (common clock, source-synchronous) interfaces.
  • Generates and verifying PCB layout rules.
  • Modeling and analyzing power delivery networks.
  • Design and analysis of multi-gigabit serial links.
  • Design and analysis of high-speed interfaces and power distribution networks.

Qualified candidates should send their resume and application to: