PTEC Solutions Inc., the contract manufacturer specializing in precision machining, electro-mechanical box build, cable and harness manufacturing, and fiber optics assembly customization, with facilities in both California and Texas, has invested in new equipment and expanded its capabilities, driven by a combination of the ramp-up of existing business and new business opportunities.

The high-performance CNC Horizontal Machining Center and Vertical Machining Center that we have newly acquired, among other start-of the-art modern machining methods we possess, will further enhance our unrivalled expertise in machining precision components. The new acquisition will lead to productivity improvements and open up more possibilities to meet our customers’ need for rapid prototyping or production parts.

PTEC Solutions Inc.
48633 Warm Springs Blvd
Fremont CA. 94539

PTEC Solutions Inc.
22932 Elkana Deanne Lane
Katy TX. 77449