Desired Skills & Qualification

* Bachelor’s with 6+ years of work experience / Master’s with 4+ years of work experience in Computer Science or equivalent

* Solid Experience with Java, JavaScript

* Solid knowledge on Spring MVC and Spring Boot Framework

* Strong experience in HTML5, CSS3, Spring Data, JQuery, Hibernate, JDBC and other supporting front-end or back-end technologies

* Good understanding of Oracle database and Tomcat server

* Good experience with scripting languages, Python or Shell

* Good experience working with Unix/Linux/Windows environments

* Add on experience with REST API’s, Web Services, Unit Testing and Java Build tools

* Strong analytical, debugging, and problem-solving skills

* Strong OOP skills, ability to analyze requirements and prepare design.

* Strong experience with Agile development incorporating Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, utilizing technologies such as GIT, Maven and Junit

* Ability to code a dynamic UI that can be flexible based on functions and choices, as the user builds tests, choices based on the options chosen will change the interface with pertinent options.

* Ability to build an application that is multiple-platform compatible, systems run on Linux or Windows, users from Mac/Windows laptops/tablets/phones.

Qualified candidates should send their resume and application to: