Desired Skills & Qualification

*Bachelor’s with 6+ years of work experience / Master’s with 4+ years of work experience in Computer Science or equivalent

*Solid experience with Oracle DB & R/Shiny software

*Analyze & develop complex data and enhance the process models, logical data base designs, & data definitions 

*Proficient in writing complex SQL queries (11i or 12c) .

*Very Strong experience in the PL/SQL concepts like Procedure, Packages, Function, Triggers, Error Handling

*Experience with batch jobs and jobs scheduling with various tools/utilities

*Must have working experience in  Unix OS

*Experience in performance tuning and handling large data volume

*R proficiency for data curation and exploratory data analysis

*Experience in R-Shiny web applications incorporating user interactive features and data visualizations.

*Ability to write/manage data pipeline scripts to setup data for visualization

*Constructing and optimizing complex SQL queries to support reporting needs( Integration with R/Shiny) . 

*Familiarity with Machine Learning – Time Series Algorithms for prediction .

*Familiarity with TCL-Oracle concepts.

*Familiarity with Version Control systems( BitBucket) .

Qualified candidates should send their resume and application to: